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NEW RED WEAPON Woven CF (Monstro VV 8K) Camera Package = Please Call

Includes: RED WEAPON Woven CF (Monstro VV 8K) RED WEAPON Mg PL Mount (VV) RED WEAPON Monstro VV OLPF Standard WC WEAPON Pass through Plate WC WEAPON Right Side Plate WC WEAPON Low Mode Battery Plate DSMC2 Side Kick (Carbon Fibre) DSMC2 Top Handle DSMC Quick Release Platform with 19mm Rod Adaptors DSMC Modular Assault Plate + 15mm Rod Adaptors (Mod) 90 Day Warranty

Pre Owned RED Epec Dragon 6k Camera Package = Please call

- Operating Time: 300 hours 1x Red Dragon Body (PL Mount). 1x SSD Guard 1x Wooden Camera Bridge Plate 1x DSMC Tactical Top Plate 1x DSMC Adaptor Module 1x DSMC V-mount Back Adapter 2x 19mm Long Rods 2x 19mm Medium Carbon Fiber Rods 1x RED SSD READER 1x Dove Tail 1x REDMOTE 4x 64Gb REDMAG 4x RED V-mount Chargers 9x RED V-mount Batteries 1x 5" RED PRO LCD 1x 9" RED PRO LCD 1x RED SIDE HANDLE 1x RED BOMB Viewfinder 1x RED Magic Arm 1x RED Top Handle 1x RED extended Handle 1x XLR Audio Converter 1x Audio Cable 1x RED QUAD BATTERY MODULE 4x RED volt Batteries 1x RED QUAD adapter 1x RED volt charger 1x RED Power Cable 1x RED PRO 2 Stage Mattebox 1x RED PRO CANON EOS MOUNT CONVERTER 1x Pelican Carrying Case (PeliCase 1620)

Pre Owned RED Epic Dragon Camera Package = Please call ***Mint Condition***

Includes: RED Dragon Camera Body Only 66Hr, , two 1.8” 512 cards, one 1.8” 256 card, 1.8” side mag adapter, mini mag adapter, two 1.8” readers, Redmote, Low light OLPF. Private owner, used in Shotover camera system Includes IBE Null Lens and Target

Like NEW RED WEAPON-HELIUM-VISTA VISION & ARMOUR w/ Woven Carbon Fibre Body = Please Call

Includes: WEAPON Woven Carbon Fibre Body, Hours: 90.1 1. RED ARMOUR (Until Feb 2020) 2. DSMC2 SIDEWINDER 3. DSMC2 REDVOLT XL Module 4. DSMC2 Base Expander 5. DSMC2 Top Handle 6. VV UPGRADE (PAID 1st DAY during NAB15) - Eligible for both HELIUM 8K (When allocated by RED) and VV (When available by RED)

Pre Owned RED Epic M Package 525hr ***Weapon Upgrade-able*** $27,000

Includes: Side SSD mount DSMC Side Handle REDMAG 1.8" SSD 128gb (4-PACK) RED Station RED 1.8 RED 4 Brick 4 REDVOLT Travel Charger BATTERY BELT CLIP 5 inch monitor rec epic

Pre Owned RED Epic M Dragon Package 100hr ***Weapon Upgradeable*** $40,000

Includes: Epic-M Red Dragon, PL Mount,EF mount, Low Light OLPF, Skin Tone OLPF, Red mini SSD reader, 3x Red 512GB mini SSDs w/ Red mag case, DCMC Tactical top plate, Wooden Camera (WC) bottom plate #1, WC bottom plate #2, WC anton bauer gold mount plate, WC leather adjustable top handle, 5’ touch screen, monitor cables, AC power supply, Red volts, Red volt charger, WC power cable for Movi, Pelican case, WC D-tap Pwr for Epic, DSMC Side Handle

Pre Owned RED Epic M Dragon body w/ full AKS Package- Low Hrs-Excelent Condition = $50,000

Includes: MiniMag Side SSD 4- 512GB mini mags Mini mag reader Redmote Redtouch 5.6” w/ hoodman Red OLED Viewfinder Red Plus 1 Module 10’ XLR power cable 10’ Power extension cable 12” VF cable 18” VF cable 36” Cinecoil VF cable PL mount EF mount Short red noga arm Wooden Camera accessories: Easy Top X cheese plate Nato Plus Top handle UVF Mount UFV extension w/ eye piece leveler bracket 15mm tube clamp AB Gold mount Quick back A-Lock for red accessories B-Box (break out for TC/Genlock/Trigger) 15mm Studio bridgeplate Bottom riser w/ 15mm lightweight support C-Box converter Gold Mount (adds 3x SDI and 2 HDMI outs) Mini SSD Guard Shoulder pad kit (brand new) 100mm nato rail Side Cheese plate

Pre Owned RED Epic MX Camera Package Very Low Hrs-Excelent Condition = Make an Offer

Includes: RED 5 inch touch screen RED PL mount RED Aluminum EF mount 2 x RED Mini Mags 512gb Mini mag card reader Mini mag side mount RED quick release system Wooden camera cheese plate Wooden camera battery plate 2 x Anton Bauer dionic hc batteries Anton Bauer tandem charger RED 100mm rail RED handle Noga cine arm Original screws and tool package Pelican case with foam

Pre Owned RED Epic Camera Package 1457h-Excelent Condition = $29,000

Epic kit includes: Camera body #361 PL-Mount SSD Side Module Touch Screen 5,0” Pro EVF Side handle RedMote APU IDX V-Lock Battery Plate Full Metal Jacket Bottom Plate Full Metal Jacket Top Plate Hybrid Core Body Sliding Top Handle Swat Rail Universal Mount 19mm Element Technica EVF Bracket Shuttle Mount for RedMote Stealth Side Cheese Plate SSD Card reader Epic LCD/EVF Cable 60cm AC Power Supply Case

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