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First, please let me express my deepest apologies on behalf of myself and Alimar Company for the "washing of dirty laundry" by my unprofessional competitor. I am saddened and disappointed by the means in which FJS International has decided to publicly discredit and defame Alimar Company and me with intent to do harm. Many of you know me and the services that Alimar Company has provided in our "Global Village" since 2008. As you know Alimar Company offers a global brokerage service which allows buyers and sellers to buy and sell to each other. We provide this service at a fair fee in contrast to the greed that typically is demonstrated by my competitors. Many of you have experienced negative comments by FJS International when they refer to Alimar Company while communicating with FJS International. This tactic has been used by FJS International for many years. I see no reason to negatively refer to my competitors during a sales cycle to convince you to do business with Alimar Company rather than other brokers. If we don't have a business relationship that is amicable, then I see no problem with investigating other possibilities and relationships to get the job done the way you see fit.    

Alimar Company offers a fair price for a value which makes good business sense and motivates customers to utilize the services of an equipment broker. As many of you have experienced, it is not possible to please all types of buyers and sellers. At times, that is just not possible. However, Alimar Company does its very best to make all of you happy with your experience buying and selling. In my experience, and I am confident that you will all agree, that a client doesn't belong to anyone. We all enjoy the benefits of free enterprise. When you list equipment with Alimar Company, we demonstrate our best effort to get you the most value for your equipment when selling and the best price when you are buying. We "list" your equipment on our website for all to see in addition, Alimar Company utilizes proven proactive marketing strategies which enables us to be so effective in our buying and selling efforts. We do not resort to using inappropriate content in any of our marketing materials. 

Alimar Company does not take your equipment in our possession until your equipment is sold and you receive your funds in full, in contrast to our competitors which will take delivery of your equipment and utilize it for rental or means to earn additional profits with your equipment before it is sold as a result of a lengthy waiting period or sales cycle. In addition, our terms are straight forward and always negotiable to meet your individual needs. If you place a deposit with Alimar Company to reserve equipment and we are not able to fully comply with our agreement, then your deposit is typically returned and hope that we conduct future business at another time. You will not experience the feeling that you deposit is being held hostage because your deposit is being used to procure equipment with transactions unrelated to yours or simply is used for working capital. I share these points with you not to complain about my competitors but to make sure that you are informed to make the best business decision and protect your interest.   

Alimar Company will always strive to demonstrate a positive business experience. Please feel free to contact me directly at any time to discuss your questions and concerns.


Mark Smulson

Alimar Company Inc.

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