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You will enable Alimar Company Inc. to exclusively sell your equipment. Once we have identified and categorized your equipment list, we will exclusively sell your equipment through a proactive worldwide marketing strategy that will meet and exceed our goals.

Alimar Company Inc. possesses all licenses required to perform the services agreed and maintains an office, properly equipped and staffed by employees suitable to render the services contracted.

The seller represents and warrants that you are the exclusive owner of the property and that you have good right and lawful authority to sell and convey the equipment, and that it is free of encumbrances and not subject to limitation of any kind.

You give Alimar Company Inc. an exclusive right to sell your equipment for a negotiated period of time at our agreed price.

In consideration of our agreement you will authorize Alimar Company Inc. to list and use its best efforts to locate purchasers for your equipment and authorize Alimar Company Inc. to advertise your equipment.

Upon completion of sale, Alimar Company Inc will be entitled to a negotiated commission.

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